The quality commitments at CAP

Because of the fact that we know that every project is unique and very important in order to give a good impression toward our customers, the commitments of quality of CAP may be founded in every step of our monitoring.


Our commitments

  • Advice

We are escorting you during the realization of your project, and we are advising you on its practicability. We are also here for you in order to help you choosing your products, your raw materials, and the impression process, such as the quality of the picture and the adaptability of the product to its usage. Our team is at your disposition in case you will have any kind of questions.

  • Traceability

Each one of the commands that we are dealing with has to be validated by a Ready For Press (RFP) that we will be keeping in our archives, in case you will need a restocking of one or several products.

  • Inspection

The quality of the products is strictly inspected during every step of the production : from the reception of your file, to the packaging of your order, without forgetting the Ready For Press (RFP), the numerical impression the silkscreen printing and the tailoring.

  • Reactivity and time of delivery

We are committing ourselves to answer your requests for an estimate within 48 hours.

Your satisfaction is also important concerning the respect of the deadlines that we will have defined together. Given the fact that we are doing the production, this is helping us respecting and reducing the deadlines.

  • Adaptability

Here in CAP, we are producing tailor-made products, from one piece to a large collection. We are capable to adapt ourselves to some very specific needs.

  • Monitoring of the products and spare parts

We are guaranteeing a following of our products, in order to insure a good restock to our clients. We also have every spare part that we will be able to send as soon as possible, in case you may lose or damage some elements of your structures.


Our guaranties

In a normal usage of our equipment, our visual supports are guaranteed against any formal defect.

Every structure of our products is guaranteed for two years, except the Wind’Air Extrême®range,  of whom poles are life-time guaranteed. In case of a defect will appear or a non-compliance, we will be able to repair of replace the defective product.


The security of our products

The CAP’s products are designed to be resistant to the bad-weather conditions of any outdoor event.

They are also in compliance with the regulations of security of the establishments receiving a public. The trimming that we are using, either they are in polyester or in PVC, are certified against the fire. They are classified M1, under de rule NF P92-507. We are also giving a special attention to the fact that our products won’t have any prominent or sharp metallic parts, on which the public may cling to.