The company

We are a small High-Savoyard company, based next to the city of Annecy, in Saint-Ferréol. We are working in the universe of the events and the promotion of the brands, either for the production and the services.

Little by little, we developed ourselves to the international, and we kept our production in France.

The organization of our company allows us to be flexible and polyvalent in order to be able to answer to every need of our customers.


In the heart of the Alps

Founded at in Haute-Savoie (France) more than 20 years ago by a sport passionate, CAP, a small family-owned company, has progressively developed itself, in order to become the NUMBER ONE reference of the customizable communication equipment.

Located in Saint-Ferréol, we are very well centered in order to get a good proximity with the ski resorts of the Alps, but also with the parks specialized into the sport’s industry and arrangement of the mountain.

A company putting the human being in the center of its preoccupations

The philosophy of the company CAP is to give the priority to the quality of the products, the human contact and also the proximity with our customers. Our approach, centered on the needs of our customers, made us to create Taylor-made solutions. This vision of the things became our motivation to keep innovating everyday. This also led us  to co-develop some innovating products with the brands and the retailers.


A French production

We are very sensitives to the “made in our place”. We feel responsible of what we are producing, and how we are making it. This is the reason why we have decided to keep producing in France, in our factory situated in Saint-Ferréol, Haute-Savoie (France).


The CAP’s group  

CAP SAS® is a group made of several entities that are:

  • CAP Mer et Montagne®, for the sports and the outdoor activities
  • CAP Distribution®, for the sales network on its wide angle (franchise, catering or hospitality for example)
  • CAP Services®, for the settlement and the logistic on several events, either they are sports, institutional or commercial.


A varied clientele

We are taking part in several very different domains, such as sports, competition, thanks to which we started our activity, but also the domain of the construction and building work, the banks and insurances industry, the collectivities, the retailers, the automobile, the beverages makers, or also the marketing and events agencies.

The needs of our customers are very specifics to the sector of activities, and we always did our best to adapt ourselves to those specificities, in order to be able to answer every problematic. All those needs, including the most complicated, have been considered as a new challenge to take up for our teams.

This is why, nowadays, more than 3000 customers are trusting us.


A team of CAP competent and skillful  

In order to be able to answer your needs as soon as possible, CAP is now working with a skillful and efficient team to intervene in every step of the relation with the customer.

The team of CAP is compound of:

  • Silk-screen printers
  • Graphic designers
  • Seamstresses
  • Administrative
  • Responsible of marketing and communication
  • Salespersons
  • Installers


An adaptable production tool at CAP

Our production tools allow us to produce a single product or a large collection, depending of your needs.

We are now specialized into every kind of customized communication supports, for the indoor or the outdoor, designed for the promotion of the events and the brands. In our factory, our teams can be designing, adapting or repairing your supports. The fact of realizing unusual or tailor made projects, to help you in the visual animation of your events, is also one of our competences.

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