Services and logistic

Do you have an event to organize requiring assembly? Any multi-sites deliveries? Or a complicated laying in your points of sale?

In case you need to settle this kind of solution for any of your activities, you should know that CAP Services® can be guiding you in your research of customized solutions that are adapted to your needs of rental and management of the materials, of the installation and the settlement of the products on your sites, the centralization of the orders of technical communication gears, but also for technical advices and the sourcing.


Some services of CAP adapted to your needs

We are organized to order to your needs of structures, either you are located on one or several sites, such as franchise, distribution network, agencies or branch. We are offering you solutions depending on the kind of implementation to adorn such as the brands’ corners, the front windows or the car park of a point of sale or merchandising.


Rental, management of the materials and installation: a complete logistic offer

Our logistics’ organization allows us offer you Taylor-made services, such as the rental and the installation on your simple or multiple sites, the management of all your materials, the centralizing of your orders and their deliveries.


Technical advice and sourcing

Finally, our sense of the services leads us to offer our expertise by technical advice for arrangement of the spaces and the sourcing of the materials.


Come and discover our whole services

  • The corners of the brands

Whatever the dimensions of your corner are, CAP can arrange it and create for your brand, a full universe that people will be looking at, with for example furniture, foam structures, mini banners, frames and walls of pictures, carpets, and also counters. Come and consult our range of customizable products.


  • In front of the points of sale

CAP is giving you solutions for your needs of outdoor signage taking into consideration your space’s obligations, the configuration of your parking lot and of the front window of your shop. Whatever is your space to equip with, we have the appropriate banners that will be optimizing your visibility.

The Wind’Air Extrême® banners, the kakémonos on a fixed pole or the big scale impressions for the front of the buildings, are more appropriate to the usage of the big points of sale, such as the shopping centers, the hypermarkets or the big cinemas complexes.

The Wind’Air Classique® banners, the trimming of shops’ windows or the window covering (the application of a sticker on shop’s window) are mostly dedicated to the points of sale located downtown or in shopping centers, such as shops, pubs or restaurants.

Some other products are completing your outdoor visual communication such as the banners with wood’s strap, the arches the taylor-made inflatable totems, or the promotional club flag garland.


  • The merchandising and the Advertising on the Point Of Sale (A-POS)

CAP will provide the furniture and the associate accessories dedicated to the promotion of your brand, of your products or your store.
You may also find among our products a large choice of Advertising on the Point Of Sale (A-POS), going from trimming of the walls to the  foam furniture (cubes, armchairs, sofas and benchs) without forgetting the curtains for the fitting rooms and the banners for the counters.

You will also find our customizable pillows, our kakémonos, our advertising carpets, our suspended signage (tubings and cubic structures) and our taut frames, with our without a LED lightning. CAP may also customize your end of display and your theme spaces.

We will also bring you some innovative solutions, in order to decorate your points of sale and your promotional stands that will be organizing on a unique way, a space dedicated to a brand, an information area or a space to show some products.


  • The rental and the assembly on site

CAP, by its entity CAP Services®, settled a solution of rental and installation of the material on the sites. Further than the fabrication of your supports, we can take care of its installation, whether your need is located on one or several sites. This can be true for an outdoor signage on a sport event, a stand during exhibition but also for any need requiring height work. You should know that our technicians are qualified to settle your elements with the adapted equipment.

During your event, CAP can get in charge of the surveillance of your site and then, once it is over, we will make sure to disassemble everything and clean your space.

If for any reason, you could not be present to your event, our teams will be interacting with the organizers of the event thanks to a program that allows sharing information.

The software that can be used on computers or smartphones, permit a live following, the technical follow-up of the installation, the proceeding and the dismantling of the event. The teams of CAP Services® will use this program to send a report with photographs of every steps of the settlement.

And then, once the event is over, we will be able to stock your material in good conditions of conservation, with the benefit of limiting the space on stocking in your place, the costs of maintenance and of inventory.


  • The management of your material and the storage

Our organization and our premises are allowing us to go further than the simple service of rental and installation. Indeed, CAP can take care of the management of you equipment to maximize your expenses and your time. Our logisticians are handling your storage, replacing your old or broken supports (such as an old banner, a date that is over, or a message that can be removed from a banner) and are making to repair whatever could be.

And concerning your old materials, we can recycle them into “eco-goodies”. The banners and the canvas that you are not using anymore could be transformed into a bag, a cover for a tablet or an exercise book cover.


  • The centralization of the orders and the multi-sites deliveries

CAP can centralize your orders of technical communication materials. We are structured to answer any specific needs of delivery, mono-site or multi-sites, with single or numerous sending. We can guarantee a minimal storage of some references so that we can insure their deliveries as soon as possible.

We are giving a special attention to deliver the good product to the place at the good moment. This is why we are working on the confection of special kits, putting eco-goodies inside your package, the filming and the marking of your orders, in order to be answering the best way to your needs. In a care of optimization of your sending, we are realizing your package with the most appropriate packaging to your products. It seems important to us to take into consideration the weight, the size and the delicateness of your packages in order to be able to reduce their cost and their impact on the environment.


  • The recommendation

It is important to us to support you in the success of your project, and this is why our first preoccupation is to be defining its stakes with you. We are offering you to come with you on the field to analyze every constraint, such as the slope, the wind or the height of the ceiling, in order to be presenting you the best alternatives.

We also know that it is difficult to choose a material when we don’t really know the products, and this is why our teams are at your disposal to help you targeting your needs on the best way possible.


  • The sourcing

Our Research and Development department is always aware of the emergent tendencies in the universe of the visual promotion. It is interesting itself to the new products and is researching, with the production department, the materials that would be the most adapted to the projects of our customers.

We are also finding new materials and new components that could fit to your needs of event communication.

Contact us to let us know about your projects and we will find the adapted solution to your needs.