Pole sail Compact

The pole of the Compact sail is a telescopic mast composed of 2 pieces in aluminium, 1 piece in polycarbonate and 1 in polyethylene.

This mast is a product patented by CAP, and is studied to withstand the biggest weather conditions, on the seafront, in the mountains or in a car park. In addition, the Compact’s pole will be guaranteed for life, and will be repaired or changed in case of default.

This product measures 1.47 meter folded, making it easy to transport, and once deployed, its size will be 4.10 meters.

Technical sheet

Additional Information


1 part polycarbonate, 1 part Polyethylene, 2 parts aluminium


Height Deployed: 410 cm, Height folded: 147 cm


1,70 kg

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