Pole banner Kakemono 2

Technical drawing Pole banner Kakemono 2

The pole of the banner Kakemono 2 is a nestable pole made up of four aluminum parts.

This product patented by CAP is designed to resist normal conditions of use. In addition, the Kakemono 2 mast is quick to install and its storage will take up very little space.

This product measures 1,16 meter folded, making it easy to transport, and once fitted, its size will be 3.50 meters.

The standard color will be black. When ordering, it will be possible to customize your mast by choosing your color from 100 units.

Technical sheet

Additional Information




Height folded: 116 cm, Height unfolded: 350 cm


3,00 kg

Mast Parts

3 straight aluminum sections, 1 angled aluminum section


Customizable color from 100 units

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