Innovation and Co-development

The innovation at CAP

In the CAP Company, the innovation is a permanent process made by our Research and Development department, in order to be able to present you some new solutions of visual communication.

We know that it is necessary for our customers to keep differentiate themselves and to create curiosity, thanks to new products, different, practical and ingenious.

Our department is permanently looking for some new material to create new communication supports. It is testing new concepts and develops our range of products, by working  designers with our graphic.


The recent innovations made by CAP:

  • The «Prisme 3D®» banner, with an option of mobile lightning with LED (with a battery), or a fixed lightning (on the sector). It is the very first banner combining the shape and the function in order to create a luminous ambiance during your events.
  • The «Can Flag®» banner is a banner that is increasing the value of both your brand and your product. It is concerning every object with a cylindrical or almost cylindrical shape, such as cans, glasses, pots, or tubes. The Can Flag® has been studied to reproduce the 3D perspective of the container.
  • The «Bottle Flag®» banner is the evolution of the Can Flag®. It can take the shape of any container, such as bottles, perfume flasks, phial, or cans of petrol for example. The visual result has the same 3D effect as the one of the Can Flag®.
  • A new range of foam furniture is recently born in our factory: the combination of a material that can resist to the bad weather, and the quality of impression that our customers need on those supports, allowed us to create those new products.
  • The Silhouette Flag® banners are completing the list of our new shape flags, to imitate any other object that is not a bottle or a can. They are illustrating the development of a new range of banners call the Perspective Flags®, that can take the shape of any product that you want to promote, such as shoes, backpacks, chocolate bars, but also cars, for example.



Because your challenges are also ours, our Research and Development department is able to co-develop new products, in partnership with your company or your brand.

This pole of CAP will be evaluating the practicability of your project, depending on the obligation of the site and your specifications. We can realize a prototype of your project to let you understand it in a real situation.

You have an idea to promote your brand, your product or your store?

Don’t hesitate into contacting us to build together the element that will be answering your problematic.